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As healthcare providers ourselves, we appreciate the challenges of finding sufficient time to recharge, and prioritise a little self-care. Getting enough sleep can be a challenge for any of us, particularly when anxious about the endless list of tasks we juggle in our professional lives, let alone within our personal lives. Having a strategy for ‘switching off’ is very helpful, but many of us may find it difficult to shut out the legacy of human suffering we encounter during the working day. Finding empathy and compassion so necessary to support those we care for inevitably takes an emotional toll. Constant withdrawals from our emotional reserves leave us drained and less able to enjoy life after work. A chronic period of stress and unremitting pressure can lead to burn-out, and depression, a sense of over whelm, and under-performance. Sadly the longer we sustain and endure these conditions, the less insight we may have over the progressive emotional disengagement going on within us, which happens as a psychological self defence response.

Hopefully, if conditions promoting these responses starts to take a toll, then you can find a sympathetic ear, seek help, and solidarity to change the circumstances, and regain your equilibrium. Ultimately, having some control to change stressful environments is key to evolving coping strategies; changing either your response, or the precipitants of damaging levels of stress.

Self hypnosis can be one way to change your own emotional reactions. Rumination about upsetting events, a tendency to extrapolate potential negative consequences, or self-undermining thoughts, can often amplify a stressful event . Initiating a light trance state can be a relaxed way of spending 10-20 minutes – re-setting one’s default to catastrophise, getting some distance from an upsetting moment, and choosing to go back to a memory exemplifying the best of life, can be both a quick tonic, and de-activating your sympathetic nervous system. It can give you new perspectives on an experience once you have had time to rest and consider a wider picture. Seeing our thoughts as mental weather, and giving ourselves permission to ignore or neutralise the unhelpful emotional chatter within, replacing it with some self-compassion, is far more effectively done within a light trance state.

Whether you are caring for someone else who is chronically unwell, or working within healthcare professionally, then a means to fortify your resilience is surely worth trying? We have been repeatedly impressed at how quickly hypnotic techniques can take effect, especially if practised in the small intervals of down-time you may have.
Some of the audio files designed for patients may have relevance to the physically well, but mentally exhausted, such as ‘Managing difficult emotions’, or those to help sleep.

Perhaps just taking the time to write down the issues pertinent to your sense of distress can help you articulate and devise your own therapeutic strategy, so that you can implement these (using imaginary metaphors) within hypnotic trance. You could even record your own audio files.

Ultimately, we feel confident you can certainly get an insight as to whether these techniques could help your own patients, and perhaps ignite an interest in learning about hypnosis in greater depth.

We feel that clinical hypnotherapy is a ‘Cinderella’ science…one that should be integrated back into many realms of life, but most definitely within medicine. With wider re-appropriation within the medical profession, the scientific method can be used to scrutinise how best to use it….particularly within the digital age. Do let us know if you want to be collaborators after trying it for yourselves.

With the huge disparities in healthcare provision throughout the world, although far from a panacea for all ills, it is perhaps one of the safest, but most versatile tools that could be employed at minimal cost to bring a sense of empowerment, and symptom improvements for millions who are suffering without means for relief. We would be delighted to ignite interest, experience and initiative within our medical fraternity to allow the ripple effects of clinical hypnosis to benefit everyone in some way.

Welcome to our Healthcare Site. We hope our products will help you enhance your own self-care. You may observe that there may be some repetition in the subject matter addressed across the spectrum of the medical and surgical problems that we present. There are varied approaches that have therapeutic benefits. Thus we have designed a spectrum of options in our audio-programs which will allow you to use a variety of strategies to tackle your individual concerns as quickly and effectively as possible.

For example, you will see there are a number of options to manage pain, fear and anxiety, all of which may exacerbate each other. Remember, it is repetition and regularly setting time aside to revisit these self-hypnosis sessions that will be the key to your success! Hopefully you can use these whilst your treatment or investigations are in progress, or perhaps even last thing at night as an introduction to deep and refreshing sleep when your unconscious mind can continue the good work.

We are aware that different voices and accents may have different degrees of influence or preference, and hope that you enjoy our individual expression within our recordings. If you want to hear our voices before purchasing any audiofiles, please visit the free downloads on our homepage link Our Gifts To You.

To enhance the benefits of the recorded programmes, we have included and blended an appropriate background music, created by Christopher Lloyd Clarke and licensed by Enlightened Audio. We hope you find our products helpful!

And please do get in touch with us if you have any comments or requite additional information.

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