Hypnosis for Children & Adolescents

Young people are perhaps the best equipped to use these hypnotic techniques, as they generally have vivid, innovative imaginations.This makes them more able to exploit visual imagery which can make using clinical hypnosis to manage their own problems particularly efficient and effective. Their bodies are primed to heal more quickly, and self-hypnosis is one way of getting an amazing level of control over frustrating symptoms that can prevent them getting on with the lives they want to lead.

Much has been made of the way social media can warp self esteem, and undermine self confidence by promoting ideal images which are unrealistic for most of us to achieve. An important part of growing up and becoming mature is being able to recognise which information is honest, reliable, and good for our own well-being. Understanding how we can control our thoughts to get the most out of life can be a fabulous secret weapon.The will to live is instinctive, and imagining how many ways any obstacle can be overcome, is the key to success, in treatment, just as it is for Olympic medal winners.

Welcome to our Healthcare Site. We hope our products will help you enhance your own self-care. You may observe that there may be some repetition in the subject matter addressed across the spectrum of the medical and surgical problems that we present. There are varied approaches that have therapeutic benefits. Thus we have designed a spectrum of options in our audio-programs which will allow you to use a variety of strategies to tackle your individual concerns as quickly and effectively as possible.

For example, you will see there are a number of options to manage pain, fear and anxiety, all of which may exacerbate each other. Remember, it is repetition and regularly setting time aside to revisit these self-hypnosis sessions that will be the key to your success! Hopefully you can use these whilst your treatment or investigations are in progress, or perhaps even last thing at night as an introduction to deep and refreshing sleep when your unconscious mind can continue the good work.

We are aware that different voices and accents may have different degrees of influence or preference, and hope that you enjoy our individual expression within our recordings. If you want to hear our voices before purchasing any audiofiles, please visit the free downloads on our homepage link Our Gifts To You.

To enhance the benefits of the recorded programmes, we have included and blended an appropriate background music, created by Christopher Lloyd Clarke and licensed by Enlightened Audio. We hope you find our products helpful!

And please do get in touch with us if you have any comments or requite additional information.

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