Tranceform Self-Care - Take Control of more than you think

Take Control of more than you think: Improve your Mental Health & Wellbeing.

Self-Hypnosis to Tranceform your Outlook, Health & Future

A relaxing,versatile life-tool with which to enhance your immunity, physiology and mental well-being.

Tranceform Self-Care - Take Control of more than you think

Overcoming Claustrophobia prior to Head & Neck Radiotherapy

Recovery from Surgery

Empower yourself to undergo surgery with less anxiety, discomfort, and faster healing.

Now you have the option to download these resources AS ONE BUNDLE into your preferred podcast app to aid regular practise to enhance their effect. With time, this will give you ever greater control over the way you think and feel, for merely the cost of a refreshing drink!

This token cost allow YOU to HELP US develop more resources to help others in this pandemic era, and so you too can be part of our mission to EMPOWER OTHERS.

Alternatively, these are free to download individually from our website, as we want everyone to benefit.

We will be adding more “Bargain Bundles” from time to time which will allow you to purchase an array of audiofiles grouped to get you through a course of treatment with less distress, more relaxation, faster healing and greater control.”