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Being proactive about improving your health is key to increasing your chances of success.

The Good News
Searching for a way to enhance your own recovery is the key to achieving it.

The way you choose to think is critical to how your mind can translate thoughts and images into physiological processes.

We can show you the psychological tools to generate sensory and immune changes...all through the very natural process of self-hypnosis.

ALL hypnosis is self-hypnosis - a state of focussed attention, which you have doubtlessly been in and out of many times each day, but never harnessed productively. We want to teach you how. It’s really simple. Simple, but not necessarily easy!

We provide evidence that repetition is the cornerstone for success in using self-hypnosis

There is a catch though....you have to be willing to practise using your imagination daily....really enhancing just how vividly you can choose to see your thoughts.

People who do this easily do have an advantage. However, even if this is not a simple process for you, the good news is that it will become easier and easier the more you practise.

We have tried to make this as effective as possible by producing a wide variety of audio files that relate to the relevant parts of your treatment journey.

All you have to do is relax back and listen!

In time you will be able to do this without our help. Eventually you will be able to design your own internal dialogue and pictures that will speak to your core- your unconscious mind - possibly more powerfully than we can, as you learn to take back control over your perceptions, and your capacity to heal.

We have helped a large number of Cancer patients using hypnosis, and what amazes us is just how effective it can be...the repurcussions from one course of treatment can have far reaching benefits.

In fact, it is a bit of a travesty that it is not integrated more widely in western medicine…but that’s a long story, with more politics at play than sense perhaps. The fact that it has been used and investigated for the past 200 years means that we know it is one of the safest techniques when used responsibly.

We would like to welcome you on board as collaborators in making this as effective and user-friendly as possible. Your comments and advice will most definitely be integrated into the future development of this website, so we can improve it in order to speed all your paths to recovery, peace, relaxation, healing and future success!

We hope you will be motivated to feedback your experience of using the resources we have designed, to help us refine and improve on them for future users, so you can be a part of the ripple effects that help disseminate these benefits to others.