Tranceform-Medical Ltd. is a company founded by two medical doctors dedicated to re-integrating clinical hypnotherapy into modern medicine, Dr Sarah Partridge, and Dr Rumi Peynovska.

Founded on a long-standing collaboration over more than a decade when they  jointly provided individualised hypnotherapy for NHS patients, they have set up a web-based educational resource for patients to use directly for their own benefit. Hardly any NHS Trusts provide hypnotherapy in the UK, despite a wealth of evidence resulting in its  wider use in Europe.

Given Sarah’s role as a Clinical Oncologist delivering Radiotherapy & Chemotherapy, the first phase of their initiative is for cancer treatment.  Rumi’s neuroscience background and psychotherapy experience has culminated in her delivering clinical hypnosis for a wider remit of issues for adults and children.  In due course, they aim to design and record a widening scope of audio files relevant for diverse medical and surgical patients, cancer survivors, and healthcare providers.

Both of them will be supporting workshops for patients, clinicians  and allied healthcare professionals promoting self-care and resilience in the face of receiving and providing hospital treatments respectively.

Their aspiration is to integrate these tools into studies that shed light on who can benefit most, and measure the impact so that they can be justifiably integrated into healthcare services more widely. Their website presents some of the relevant evidence proving the benefits of hypnosis, but as Sarah says “So many people only associate hypnosis with stage shows, and yet it could have far-reaching benefits if we can remind them what it can achieve, and show them how to look after themselves ever more effectively.”
Rumi, a past President of the Royal Society of Medicine’s section of Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine, points out that “Hypnotherapy is a natural state that all of us experience remarkably regularly, but making use of it for therapeutic benefit requires some guidance, and that is what we are aiming to deliver.”

Their mission is to try and dispel the misconceptions about hypnosis and find a means of re-integrating it as a standard ‘Adjuvant’ option alongside medical care.  Encouraging patients to take a more pro-active partnership with their healthcare team results in faster recovery, reduced symptoms, less time in hospital, and the need for less medication – hence a safe means of achieving fewer side-effects. This could be a win-win-win scenario for patients, doctors and healthcare providers!

So if you are intrigued and motivated to take back more control over your health and well-being, try visiting their website at and see what it can do for you.