Franklin M. Halley

Biofeedback and Self-regulation, volume 16, 1991, pages 55–74


Increasing scientific study and attention is being directed to mind-body interactions, particularly to the interrelationships between the brain and the immune system. This effort has created a new interdisciplinary field, psycho neuro-immunology. An overview of this new field is provided, followed by a comprehensive survey of the growing evidence suggesting that measurable immune system parameters can be influenced by biobehavioral strategies involving self-regulation. Modalities included are relaxation and imagery techniques, biofeedback-assisted strategies, the use of humor, and affiliation to influence emotional states, hypnosis, and conditioning paradigms. The majority of studies have reported significant immune parameter changes. Additional well-designed research is needed to clarify and confirm these initial findings. Future research would benefit from investigating the clinical implications of these immune parameter changes. Knowledge of effects of the mind on the body is rapidly expanding and may be important for achieving improved immune system function and self-regulation of the immune system through biobehavioral strategies