Lee, Ji Kwan; Zubaidah, J.O.; Fadhilah, I. Siti Irma; Normala, I.; Jensen, Mark P.
International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis67.2: 217-245. Routledge. (Apr 3, 2019)


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Bowel disorder

This pilot study evaluated the effect sizes associated with prerecorded hypnotic interventions provided during the perisurgical period for reducing risk factors associated with chronic postsurgical pain, including acute postsurgical pain, anxiety, depression, and pain catastrophizing. A total of 25 participants (N = –25) were randomly assigned to receive a hypnotic intervention (n = 8), minimal-effect treatment (n = 8), or treatment as usual (n = 9) during their hospital stay for total knee replacement (TKR). Participants were followed for 6 months after hospital discharge. Results indicate that prerecorded hypnotic intervention exerted medium effects for reducing acute postsurgical pain and large effects for reducing perisurgical anxiety and pain catastrophizing. The findings indicate that a fully powered clinical trial to evaluate the beneficial effects of prerecorded hypnosis to manage pain and psychological distress in patients undergoing TKR is warranted.